Module: obdII

OBD-II is a protocol used to communicate with the ECUs in a vehicle. It can be used to read data (such as the VIN), or write parameters. There are a number of standard parameters (PIDs) that a vehicle may or may not support. Additionally, most manufacturers add custom parameters that are specific to the manufacturer and/or the vehicle model.

obd.OBDII is the object returned when the plugin is loaded. It is the starting point for configuring and using OBD-II.

All OBD-II communication is done using PIDs. A small number of common PIDs are pre-defined in the plugin, however additional standard and/or proprietary PIDS can be created at runtime as required. PIDs are created as part of a mode. Additional modes can also be created as required.

Currently CAN is supported as the physical layer, however K-Line experimental support may be available if configured.

See obd.obd.

The name of the plugin for loading is 'obd-II'.