Module: eipc

EIPC is only available on devices that have been licensed to use EIPC. EIPC is the object returned when the plugin is loaded. It is the starting point for creating connections to devices that support explicit messaging over EtherNet/IP to interact with tags.

This plugin is the client half of a client/server pair. This means that it can initiate a connection to an EtherNet/IP server and then issue commands to read/write tags in the server. Since the server only responds to requests from the client, the client must occasionally re-read the tags that it is interested in keeping current.

When a tag is replicated from the server, the structure of the tag is first queried from the server and a memory map for the tag is automatically constructed. This is different from other plugins (e.g. eip) that must have the memory map provided ahead of time in the XML format. However, the object created as a result of querying the server are the same objects from the cip plugin that would have been created by the XML memory map parser.

The name of the plugin for loading 'eipc'.