basic data types these data types must be defined because the code comes from the windows development environment

Commands which are used in IOL_DS_Command. These commands are used to activate data storage commands.

Commands which are used in the DSConfigure parameter in SetPortConfig. These values define the behavior of the parameter server. The values can be combined. If the data storage shall be enabled, the bit DS_CFG_ENABLED shall be set. If (in addition) the automatic upload mode shall be used, the bit DS_CFG_UPLOAD_ENABLED shall be set in addition to DS_CFG_ENABLED. if the data storage shall not be used, use the value DS_CFG_DISABLED.

Event definitions These values define the content of the event buffer

Port Commands. Commands which are used to switch the actual state of a port via the function SM_SetCommand. Note that not all state changes are allowed at any time

Port Mode details for SIO input mode. These values define the mode of a digital input.

Port Mode details for SIO output mode. These values define the mode of a digital output.

PortModus port modi which are used for TargetMode in SetPortConfig

Return codes which are used in the library functions. These return codes define the reaction of the library functions. This doesn't include the error codes which are returned by the IO-Link devices during ISDU access Codes less than zero are reported from the DLL. The commands have not been transmitted to the IO-Link master if these codes occur. Codes from 1 to 100 are reported from the IO-Link master. They occur if a service which has been received from the DLL cannot be executed due to some reason. all other codes are coming from the IO-Link device as defined in the standard

Sensor Status Bit definitions Some of the functions return a sensor status, which contains some status bits. The following definitions define the different informations which are shown by the status

SensorStateDefinitions for TInfo The SensorState in TInfo structure is different from other state definitions. This is due to historical use of this function. it will still work, but the functions IOL_GetSensorState and IOL_GetModeEx have some advantages over the function IOL_GetMode the value is only useful for the IO-Link mode. In other modes the state will show always the value STATE_DISCONNECTED_GETMODE

Transmission Flags These Definitions are used for the parameter TransmissionFlags. They can be combined by logical OR of the values

Validation Mode, used in SetPortConfig. These values define the validation mode.